Online Slot Machine for Crystal Prince

Users of the best online slots sites will discover, as soon as they load this game into a personal computer, iOS device, Android device, or Windows mobile device, that symbols only display on the bottom four of the game’s nine rows. This quickly changes as you start to rack up wins, which cause further rows to become active until the whole grid is covered with symbols like snowflakes, colorful jewels, and the visage of the Prince who inspired the game’s name.

The reels are surrounded by ice that has a blueish tint to them, and the top row is coated with snow. This game’s crisp visuals make it seem nice on any device, despite the fact that it is situated in a frozen setting. Slots that are themed after frozen landscapes are quite popular.

After a successful spin, the symbols remain where they are, and more rows of symbols begin to fill the gaps in the rows above. This has the potential to fill the whole game and initiate a bonus round known as Blizzard Mode. During this bonus round, lower-paying symbols are removed from the grid, and up to three wild multiplier symbols may be used to form profitable combos.

Crystal Prince, one of the online slot games offered by Quickspin, also has a free spins bonus round. During this round, wild multipliers emerge in each bonus spin. Wilds have the ability to combine their values, increasing your chances of winning the enormous maximum payout of 11,630 times your original wager at the top online casino sites.

How to Play the Slot Machine Known as the Crystal Prince

Real money slots provide a wide variety of wagering possibilities, ranging from as little as 0.20 credits to as much as 100 credits, and you may spin the reels for any amount in between. Using the Up and Down arrow buttons, you choose the size of your wager, and additional user-friendly tabs enable the Autoplay and Fastplay options.

The paytable may be accessed by clicking on the three lines to the left of the control panel. Here, you can see how much money you can earn by getting matching symbols on linked reels starting from the left. When appearing on all six reels simultaneously, the Prince awards the highest payout, which is equivalent to double the amount of money that was wagered on the game.

Free Spins in Addition to Other Bonus Features for the Crystal Prince

In the Crystal Prince slots game, you begin with 4,096 possible ways to place symbols across the board. If you win an additional row on a win, your total number of chances to win increases to 15,625, and if it adds more symbols to the current winning combination or creates a new one, you get an additional row, giving you a total of 46,656 ways to win. It is possible for this to continue, increasing the number of ways to win to 117,649 and then, after all rows have been unlocked, to 262,144.

At this point in the game, a cartoon Prince flies to the top of the screen, destroying the snowy seal that was placed on the eighth row, and therefore activating the Blizzard Mode. As many as three Wild Frost Multiplier icons may appear on the reels at any same time, and when they do, lesser value symbols disappear from the grid entirely. All of the symbols now fall to the bottom of the screen to cover the spaces left behind by the lower-paying symbols, and the cascades continue as long as the Blizzard Mode continues to produce fresh wins.

The Wild Frost Multipliers each have a value of either 2x or 3x, and they also increase the size of any victories in which they participate by the amount that corresponds to their value. However, if there is more than one multiplier in the combination, those multipliers will work together to possibly increase the amount won by many, many times.

When three, four, five, or six snowflake scatter symbols appear on the reels, the player is awarded eight, ten, fifteen, or twenty free spins. In this round, Wild Frost Multipliers also emerge, and there may be up to four of them visible at any one time. Additionally, any two additional scatters will add three additional spins to the overall amount.

The conclusion of our play on the online slot machine Crystal Prince

Crystal Prince is a good-looking game for those who don’t mind the reels being coated in ice, despite the fact that the visuals are a tad rudimentary when compared to many of the other online slots offered by Quickspin. As soon as you hit a winning combination, the spectacular bonus features will begin to activate. When additional rows are added, it gets progressively simpler to make new victories and activate the whole grid. This effect continues as more rows are added.

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